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Imagine if Florida was cut in half...It almost happened...Check out the documentary about the Cross-Florida Barge Canal.


"Welcome to AABSTRACT PRODUCTIONS" - Where the essence of your visions, equated with our personal touch, becomes a successful production endeavor.

Here, we realize the need for high quality work for those on a limited budget. As a small productions company, we value customer service, personal interactions, and ingenuity. We capture the spirit of your visions and implement them in a way that is both tailored and precise to your needs.

Documentaries, commercials, reality-based television, instructional tutorials and Public Service Announcements are a few of the services that we offer. Several of our clients are non-profit organizations that rely on us for maximum impact on a minimal budget.

Our producers and production personnel are well versed in pre/post-production services. We offer a wide variety of options in Video, Film and Photographic acquisitions. For the independent filmmaker, we help to create an affordable production that stays on budget. Our client projects include DVD acquisitions for motion pictures and DVD special features.

By choosing our productions company to work with you, you can expect excellent quality and a conscientious effort to give you the maximum impact for your production dollar.

Please feel free to e-mail us if you have any questions.



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