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Darren Preston Lane is the creator of AABSTRACT PRODUCTIONS. As an award-winning photographer, his collections include a catalog of images which range from still-life to wildlife. The images seen below are a few that encompass a larger collection of photographs that Darren has taken.

Versatility is the key in being a successful photographer. Versatility involves looking beyond one subject area and seeing outside the box. Being a world-traveler and detail-oriented, Darren sees what makes a quality photograph. For your photographic needs, he will work with you to accomplish your goals.

Darren has met and photographed such people as Jean Bertrand Aristide, Henry Rollins, Carlos Fuentes, Ted Kennedy Jr., Michael Moore and Sean Sasser. In addition to being a studio photographer, Darren is also a freefall photographer and has won numerous awards and has been published in many industry magazines.

Skydiving photographs include Nike Shoes(Second Place U National College Magazine)and Pepperidge Farm Garlic Toast(National Grand Prize Winner).


Darren is also one of the few photographers to have images of two Heismen trophy winners during the winning championship season of the University of Florida Gators. More of his photographs will be displayed in the future.

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